What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Dr. Sibylle: You are so passionate about what you do. You have so much energy it was contagious.Thank you."

You go in depth when talking about specific discussions and you give everyday examples to ensure we understand. You encourage to get involved. You give everyone the same opportunity to be successful."

She involves the whole audience, and has participants come up to do examples to keep them paying attention and learning simultaneously. I always agreed that doing examples helps better my understanding towards any subject. She has a very outgoing attitude that keeps the class intriguing and an environment that you look forward to going to. She also makes sure everybody understands the material by asking if there are any questions before she moves on. She definitely cares about the participants. Overall, Dr. Sibylle is a great instructor who cares about her audience."

Dr. Sibylle is very excited to teach..enjoys the topic..gets people to participate

She knows her material really well and is always willing to help. Extremely patient; provides feedback; always responsive."

Dr. Sibylle gets everyone involved. Very understanding and makes everyone feel comfortable. She also does activities that makes learning fun."

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